Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2, 2013: I hope you like to read my blog, I hope you do not sing and clog, I hope you read it every day, I hope this does not run you away.

Today is scouting day. I will be acting as a moderator for several matches of quick recall at the Elementary School Academic Team district competition. Some of these students will be on my team next year and I am excited to get to see them in action. So I am up at 7 AM and in Blaine, KY by 8:30 AM to read over questions and get ready to lead the fast and furious buzzer driven, IQ fueled, no holds barred, winner take all, loser won’t need any, fight to the finish that is Governor’s Cup. Good luck all.

Today is Banana Cream Pie Day. They claim that banana cream pie is the most popular cream pie. Not with me, it’s not. My favorite is Coconut Cream Pie, in fact: Moonshine Pie. Moonshine Pie made by the late Nanny Hacker at the Emily Northup Missionary Baptist Church. I miss Nanny and I miss that pie. Coconut cream pie is good; Nanny’s Moonshine Pie was awesome. Every Disney restaurant offers dessert, all good, some great but I know they do not have Moonshine Pie, I know, I’ve looked. That’s as negative as I get when it comes to Walt Disney World. Go on, have a nice slice of pie; its Disney and calories don’t count.

This is National Old Stuff Day, a day to do something new because you’re tired of the same old stuff. Do I have to explain everything to you? Go to Disney and so something you have never done before, even if you’ve been there before. There are dozens of things to do at Walt Disney World that you have never done before. If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World, going is enough. Go now, do stuff, new stuff.

This is my blog.
I would write it on a log.
I would read it with a hog.
I would watch Muppets 3D and Kermit the Frog.
I like my blog, I do, I do.
I hope you like my blog, do you?
This is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. So walk around Walt Disney World rhyming everything you say. No one will mind. Would I lie to you?

It’s Desi Arnaz’s birthday, the Cuban bandleader and the husband of Lucille Ball. I love Cuban food. You will too. Go to Downtown Disney, hit Bongos, and chow down. As I have recommended before, get those deep-fried mashed potato balls with ground beef in the middle. Don’t question me, just do it.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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