Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 13, 2013: I've got this idea for a character.

I apologize for yesterday's very short blog. I posted it from the emergency room at Three Rivers Medical Center. I was there with my wife until 3:00 AM. The good news is, things are looking up. The bad news is, I am exhausted after working all day and visiting another doctor at 2:30 PM. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

On this date in1928, Walt is on a train returning to California from New York City after learning that his studio has lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Charles Mintz. Walt Disney sends his brother and business partner Roy a Western Union telegram that reads: LEAVING TONITE STOPPING OVER KC ARRIVE HOME SUNDAY MORNING SEVEN THIRTY DON'T WORRY EVERYTHING OK WILL GIVE DETAILS WHEN ARRIVE WALT. While the brothers have lost their main character, Oswald, Walt has a new idea for an animated mouse character. Let’s visit my favorite spot in Walt Disney World, the partner’s statue, in front of Cinderella Castle, where Walt is holding Mickey’s hand, pointing, and saying, “Look at all the happy people.”

I have an idea for a book based on the Magic Kingdom. No, I’m not sharing what the idea is; I have enough of my ideas show up a week later on television. But I am not the only writer who had a book idea involving Walt Disney World. Ridley Pearson, born on this date in 1953, had written seven Disney based novels: Three prequels to the Peter Pan story and four novels in The Kingdom Keepers series. Get to the Magic Kingdom and play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. It’s like an awesome treasure hunting, role-playing game where you fight great Disney villains.

Today is Donald Duck Day. The day indicated on calendar in a cartoon featuring Huey, Dewey and Louie trying to figure out what to get Uncle Donald for his birthday. The date appears again as the license plate number on Donald’s car (313). So celebrate with Donald at his breakfast in the Animal Kingdom. We love it.


While you’re at Donald’s breakfast, celebrate Pluto as well. On this date in 1855, Percival “Percy” Lowell predicted the discovery of Pluto. Lowell is immortalized in the name of the planet, PLuto, and the symbol for the planet, PL. Of course, today Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet but as I always say, “Pluto may no longer be a planet but he is still a dog.”

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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