Thursday, January 31, 2013

February 1, 2013: Danger, Will Robinson

Winter weather makes me crazy. Our academic team did super at district and now we are trying to compete at region, if the weather lets us. The schedule is for our bus to leave Louisa Middle School at 6:30 AM Saturday for Russell Middle School. The problem is…snow. School is off for today, Friday, and it remains to be seen what the conditions are on Saturday morning. There will be no delay or postponement until 5:30 AM but with schools from Rowan County, Carter County, Lawrence County, Boyd County and Greenup County there is a lot of area for potential delay causing weather. Hold onto your seats folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The good news is that we have a number of students that could advance to State Governor’s Cup. I would love to take a bunch to Louisville.

This is National Freedom Day. National Freedom Day was established in 1948 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the resolution that would become the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery. This is a day for Americans to promote harmony and equal opportunity. I believe in the equal opportunity to visit Walt Disney World. While you’re there, visit the Hall of Presidents. No, this is not 365 Excuses to Visit the Hall of Presidents, or is it?

I believe in equal opportunity for all to visit WDW.

This is also National Serpent Day. Snakes not bother me. I like snakes. They make great wallets and belts and boots. Hey, don’t go all PETA on me. They’re snakes.  There aren’t many snakes on official display at Walt Disney World buy it is Florida so nature is nature. If you really want to see a snake at Walt Disney World your best bet is the Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom. Otherwise just look around the bushes at your resort, as much of a fantasy world as WDW is, the animals don’t know it’s a fantasy.

Here's a nice big serpent for you.

 “Danger, Will Robinson.” Man, did I love Lost In Space. In 1954, Bill Mumy, the famous Will Robinson was born in San Gabriel, California. In addition to Lost in Space, Mumy appeared on the Disneyland TV series and in Disney’s movie Rascal. Mumy wrote music for Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland and did voice-over work for Buzz Lightyear: Star Command. So get over to the Magic Kingdom and ride the Buzz Lightyear ride.

We always look for any excuse to visit Hollywood Studios, so, on this date in 1893, Thomas Edison completed the world’s first movie studio. My favorite Thomas Edison movie is the one where he fries an elephant to show the danger of AC electricity (even though he actually used DC to kill the rogue elephant). Thomas Edison was not above a bit of deceit to make a point. Let’s hit the Great Movie ride and leave the elephants at home.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 31, 2013: Justin time.

Lawrence County was released from school one hour early yesterday because of rising water. We have dozens of reasons to miss school. It really is weird. We, of course, miss for snow days, flood days, tornado days, broken water main days, burned up water pump days, sludge from a containment pond in our water days… and more. We’ll have to wait and see if school is on or off for today.

Today is Suzanne Pleshette’s birthday. Pleshette was Bob Newhart’s television wife in the 1970s and the voice of Zira in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. She was also in a host of Disney comedies including The Shaggy D.A., The Ugly Dachshund and Blackbeard’s Ghost. Let’s head over to Animal Kingdom and visit the live Lion King show.

In 1981, the Disney universe and popular music gained a true star, Justin Timberlake. Justin was one of The All New Mickey Mouse Club and ‘N Sync but I think I enjoy him most as a super guest on Saturday Night Live. My advice, hit Hollywood Studios. Back in the MGM days I seem to remember ‘N Sync doing a street show / concert on the Disney Channel. Let’s just say I’m right and party in the ‘Wood.

 A world without the hat???

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 30, 2013: Here comes the Judge, Here comes the judge, Order in the Court 'cause here comes the Judge.

My Future Problem Solving Team and Written Composition students participated in Regional competition Tuesday. We’ll know how they did Saturday after written tests and Quick Recall. My son had his District Academic Team competition and he paced 4th in Arts & Humanities and 2nd in Quick Recall so he advances to Region at the High School level. This is a great time of the year when the students see if their work has been enough to earn them a slot at State Governor’s Cup in Louisville.

On this date in 1882, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd President, was born. Roosevelt took over the reins shortly after the beginning of the Great Depression and steered the country almost to the end of World War II. I know we just talked about this yesterday but The Hall of Presidents is the perfect memorial for any Presidential moment.

Dick Martin entered stage left on this date in 1922. Dick Martin, along with Dan Rowan, hosted Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in. I remember thinking that Laugh-in was the craziest show on television. The wildest guests, the catchiest catch phrases and the most biting satire roared on a show that pushed the envelope just a little bit farther. I remember running around the house going, “Here comes the judge, here comes the judge, order in the court because here comes the judge.” Let’s honor Dick by going to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. Corny never bothered anyone on Laugh-in and it should not bother you either.

In 1951, an extra in the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night was born. You can see this young man running down the street in on of the mob scenes in the movie where the fans are in hot pursuit of the Beatles. This young extra’s name… Phil Collins. The Drummer for Genesis, and eventual lead singer, Phil had a couple of direct ties to Disney. Phil did the music for Brother Bear and Tarzan. “You’ll be in My Heart” was a huge number one hit for Phil from the Tarzan soundtrack. I have a friend that even claims to have seen Phil perform at the former Tarzan Rocks show at the Animal Kingdom. So let’s go to the Animal Kingdom and search out Turk, Tarzan’s buddy from the movie.

In 1986, Steve Jobs buys the computer graphics division of George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic for $10 million and incorporates it as Pixar. There are a host of Pixar attractions at Walt Disney World, go forth and enjoy them all.

1988: EPCOT debuts IllumiNations. Go watch it, especially if you’ve never seen it. When we watched it last June, it seemed even more explosive, more pyrotechnic and just generally more awesome. It is a blast.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 29, 2013: I've got a rhyme that comes in a riddle, what's round on the ends and high in the middle?

Today is William McKinley’s birthday. McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio in 1843 and, as the 25th President of the United States, was the last President to serve in the 19th Century and the first President to serve in the 20th century. When McKinley was assassinated his vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, became the 26th President of the United States. A few years ago, we visited Canton, Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame but Canton is also home to the last resting place of President McKinley, his wife, Ida and their two young daughters. The memorial was built entirely from private funds; no public money was used. Most of the money came from the donations of children. What is fascinating about the memorial is it’s landscaping. The entire memorial is laid out as a giant sword representing the power wielded by the President as the Commander in Chief. Let’s memorialize President McKinley as we do all the Presidents, by visiting the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom.

I could wander in here for days.

If you're in Canton, Ohio visit the McKinley Memorial.

If you click on this picture you can see the sword. 
Also, look at Google maps of Canton
 and view the memorial from the air, it is awesome.

Today is National Corn Chip Day. To be honest, I don’t like corn chips but add any number of flavors and I love them. Salsa, guacamole, barbecue, honey barbecue, so many flavors work well with corn chips but I still don’t like them alone. So, don’t eat them alone. I recommend that you go to EPCOT and get some strolling food at the Mexico Pavilion and get some chips and salsa to let your belly have a fiesta.

Walt Disney was working with Ub Iwerks and decided that he needed to get a job to help out the finances. Walt applied at the Kansas City Slide Company and was hired as an artist at $40 per week. Within the year, Ub joins Walt at the Slide Company and that is where they decided that they needed to get into the movie business. You see the Kansas City Slide Company made advertisements that played before movies in the movie houses of the day. When you see those ads that play before the movies today, remember that, at least in part, they are responsible for the Disney movie you are about to watch. Make your way over to Hollywood Studios and check out One Man’s Dream and the miniature museum that accompanies it.

Never one to pass up an excuse to visit Casey’s for a top-notch hot dog today is the day that the first players were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The roll call included: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. So get to Casey’s, and chow down on a Hall of Fame hot dog… or two.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 28, 2013: I'd let down my hair if I had any.

Have you seen Taylor Swift as Rapunzel? Annie Liebovitz photographed Swift for her series of celebrities as various Disney characters. The picture is actually stunning. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan but this picture is awesome. Check it out at the link below.

This is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Walt Disney World is famous for its Mickey waffles but you can get pancakes too. Not only pancakes but, BLUEBERRY pancakes. OOOOhhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Do not delay get some today.

On this day in 1999, Cirque du Soleil opened its third permanent U. S. show at Downtown Disney. La Nouba is a fabulous show and I am stating right now that I am taking my family to see La Nouba on our next trip to Walt Disney World. I’m gonna go, you go too.

1977, the year before I graduated from high school, Joey Fatone was born in Brooklyn, New York. Fatone was in ‘N Sync and has done voice work for Disney being featured on Kim Possible. Fatone has also done several special appearances for Disney for parades and promotions. I associate him with Hollywood Studios, I think from a street concert I saw long, long ago on the Disney Channel. So let’s get our hands up in the air for Hollywood Studios and Joey Fatone.

While we are being musical, today is National Kazoo Day. You can basically do the same thing with a piece of wax paper but nothing is more fun than a Kazoo. Alabama Vest invented this wonderful, simple instrument in Macon, Georgia in the 1840’s. Take one to WDW and serenade the other bus riders, monorail riders and train riders. They’ll tell you to quit when they’ve had enough.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.