Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 18, 2013: Mr. President, Mr. Cleveland, Mr. President

Yesterday we spent the entire day in Louisville, Kentucky with the Kentucky State Governor’s Cup competition. We had three students participate in four tests. Jeremy Webb scored 42 in Science and 19 out of 20 on his tiebreakers. Carrie Jo Cecil scored 44 in Language Arts and 18 out of 20 on her tiebreakers. Kate Cecil scored 34 in Arts and Humanities and 42 in Language Arts. Tomorrow we will find out how they placed. I know they have done well just from the scores but we are hoping they have scored high enough to place relative to the other students in the state.

Today is Awkward Moments Day. We all have them, don’t we? You know, awkward moments. Oh, never mind. Go to the Magic Kingdom and ask every cast member what time the 3:00 parade is. There’s nothing awkward about that.

Today is Forgive Mom and Dad Day. They meant well, you know they did. Even if they’ve never offered to pay for your therapy, you should still forgive them (I hope my kids read this). Go to the 50’s Primetime Diner at Disney Hollywood Studios, it’s like therapy with food. When they make you eat all your vegetables before you get dessert just look at your waitress and say, “It’s okay Mom, I forgive you.” Nothing Awkward about that.

I’m sure Grover Cleveland had a few awkward moments. After all, he is the only president who was president, wasn’t president and then was president again and the only president married in the White House. Grover was the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president of the United States and one of very few presidents to have a Disney song written about them, “Let’s Put it Over With Grover,” by the Sherman Brothers for The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band. As always, this is the perfect excuse to visit the Hall of Presidents. Happy 176th birthday Mr. President.

March 18th, 1858, Mary Richardson married Kepple Disney. The Disneys had a son named Elias and Elias had a son named Walt.

March 18th, 1919, the Order of DeMolay forms in Kansas City. Even though Walt never became a Mason, he was a DeMolay and DeMolay was one of the most influential organizations in Walt’s life. Go to Hollywood Studios and watch One Man’s Dream, the movie about Walt’s life. I do every time.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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