Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 4, 2013: A Multiplication of inaugurations.

Today is Catherine O’Hara’s birthday. O’Hara was part of the cast of SCTV, the mother on Home Alone and was in A Series of Unfortunate Events. For our purposes, she was the voice of Tina in Chicken Little, the voice of Kata in Brother Bear 2 and the voice of Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Go ride the Haunted Mansion and visit the cart outside the exit where you can buy Jack and Sally stuff all the time.

Today is Hug A GI Day. Find a GI and give them a hug or let them know in some way that you care about and appreciate them. At the Magic Kingdom, this would be a good day to observe or take part in the Flag Retreat that takes place every afternoon. We talked about it in an earlier blog, I believe November 11, Veteran’s Day. Check it out and check it out.

When inauguration day was held in March, March 4th was the common date. So here’s a whole list of presidential facts from this date:
1793 George Washington’s second inauguration takes place with the shortest inauguration  speech at 133 words.
1797 John Adams inaugurated as the 2nd President of the United States.
1801 Thomas Jefferson is the first President inaugurate in Washington, DC.
1809 James Madison is the first president inaugurated in American-made clothes.
1825 John Quincy Adams is inaugurated as the sixth president.
1829 Andrew Jackson is inaugurated as the seventh president.
1837 Martin Van Buren is inaugurated as the eighth president.
1841 William Henry Harrison delivers the longest inauguration speech at 8,443 words. Less than a month later Harrison is dead.
1845 James K Polk is inaugurated as the eleventh president.
1849 The USA had no president. Polks term ends on a Sunday, Taylor refuses to be sworn in. Senator David Atchison is the President Pro Tem and sleeps through the day.
1861 Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the sixteenth president. It is the first time that the US has had five living former presidents.
1865 President Lincoln is inaugurated for his second term as president.
1869 Ulysses Grant is inaugurated as the eighteenth president.
1885 Grover Cleveland inaugurated as the first Democrat president since the Civil War.
1889 Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as the twenty-third president.
1897 William McKinley inaugurated as the twenty-fifth president.
1901 President McKinley inaugurated for a second term.
1909 President Taft inaugurated as the twenty-seventh president in a 10 inch snow storm.
1913 Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as the twenty-eighth president.
1925 President Coolidge’s inauguration is broadcast live on 21 radio stations.
1929 Herbert Hoover inaugurated as the thirty-first president.
1929 Charles Curtis becomes the first Native American Vice President
1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as the thirty-second president.

After all of that, there is no choice but the Hall of Presidents. Cover them all, except Curtis, in one stop.

On this date in 1782, Johann Wyss was born. Wyss wrote Swiss Family Robinson which Walt based the movie on. When my son was little, one of his favorite things at the Magic Kingdom was the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. It’s a lot of climbing but it’s fun, especially for kids. Go and have fun.

A view from a tree.

Welcome in and please eat.

They saved a lot of stuff from that ship.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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