Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 23, 2013: Walk a Mile in my shoes.

Today is Measure Your Feet Day. If you don’t know why this is important, then you have never visited Walt Disney World. First, make sure your shoes fit you very well before visiting WDW. Second, make sure your shoes are well broken in before your visit Walt Disney World. If you buy new shoes for your trip, for the love of Mickey, please wear them a few weeks before you go. BREAK THEM IN. I have had to treat a number of blisters on my wife’s feet when she wore shoes that were either not appropriate for WDW or not properly broken in. Finally, get the right shoes. Don’t wear stiff, heavy shoes. Don’t wear shoes that stay wet, at some point they will get wet and you will get miserable. At the very least keep a pair of dry socks in a bag so you can at least partially dry your feet. I don’t think that I have ever eaten at Chef Mickey’s that I was not soaked at some point in that day. If all else fails buy some very flexible shoes once you are there. Now, taking the break in period out of the equation, there are some shoes that are sort of broken in when you buy them. On our last trip I bought my son a pair of very Tom’s-like shoes that, with a good pair of socks, were very comfortable for the trip. This after his absorbed huge quantities of water and acquired an unbelievable odor. So tell all your friends and neighbors that you must go to WDW because you have just broken your shoes in. Others have excuses I have my reasons why.

I am always wet when we eat at Chef Mickey's.

Today is National Handwriting Day. Every character at Walt Disney World has a rather unique signature. Get you an autograph book and fill that puppy up.

On this date in 1849, Mrs. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman physician in the United States. To celebrate Mrs. Blackwell, ride Spaceship Earth in EPCOT. Once you get off the ride, go to the exhibit area at the end of the ride and do the 3D surgeon game. Trust me on this, it’s fun just to watch and really cool to play.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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