Friday, January 18, 2013

January 19, 2013: National Popcorn Day

Today is the day that our students have been working toward all year, District 71 Governor’s Cup competition. Out of our 40+ students that we started the year with, 20+ have qualified to compete at the District level against Blaine, Fallsburg and Elliott County. Any student that places in the top 5 in: Quick Recall, Written Composition, Future Problem Solving, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies or Arts & Humanities will advance to Regional play and, if successful there, compete at State. No matter how things turn out, we have an absolutely wonderful group of students and Deana and I are proud to be their coaches. Good luck and God bless.

Walt was blessed on this day in 1924. A certain Lillian Bounds from Idaho started working at the Disney Studio in Hollywood, California. Lillian worked for Walt as an ink and paint girl for $15.00 per week. When he married her he joked, “I had to marry her, I couldn’t afford to pay her.” If you are at Walt Disney World and visit Downtown Disney, check out Fulton’s Crab House. The boat that the Crab House is located in was once known as the Empress Lilly. I think you can guess whom that was named for. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom, there are four trains you can ride around the park. Train No. 2 is the Lilly Belle; once again the muse (or mouse) strikes. If you’re at Hollywood Studios watch Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream and gain a little insight into Walt’s life.

January 19th is a hallowed date around the Hammond household and anyone who knows us would understand why. Today is National Popcorn Day. Popcorn is the perfect food; I’m not even going to explain why. That would demean the stature of God’s own carbohydrate. You can flavor it, pop it in different oils, coat it with a variety of viscous, gooey substances but it don’t pack a punch if it ain’t got that crunch. I pop corn at football games, in the school concession stand and on my stove at home. That’s right, on my stove, in my Whirly Pop (it has a crank in the handle to stir the corn, leading to popcorn perfection). Sure the kids will eat microwave popcorn, we do not disrespect any physical manifestation of the golden kernel, but when it’s serious the cry goes out, “Dad, pop us some popcorn.” There are a few jobs at Walt Disney World that I would love to have once I retire. First, the mayor of Main Street, USA, now that’s a sweet gig. Second, I want to be Winnie-the-Pooh (just think about my statuesque physique). Finally, I would love to run the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Stand at the entrance to the live stage production of Beauty and the Beast where, as Belle redeems the soul of the Prince, you could hear the gentle crunch of Famous Bill’s Popcorn. (All thanks to Doris Prichard who showed me, a long time ago, the perfect proportion of oil to corn. Folks, it’s not rocket science.)
Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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