Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 9, 2012: Chaos to Bliss!

Wow, we’re busy. Midterms for the second quarter of the school year go out today. Last night we had an awesome night for the Louisa Middle School Academic team.
This weekend, my son has DeMolay on Sunday and may have bassoon day at Morehead State University. Monday, we have open house after school at Louisa Middle School and Veteran’s Day observances in the morning. Tuesday is academic team against Holy Family at home. Wednesday is 21st Century and Youth Group at Church. Planning meetings for 6th Grade Showcase and then… next week is Thanksgiving. Which all leads us to…

National Chaos Never Dies Day
Our lives are busy and they seem to get busier every day. Chaos is almost the single driving force in some of our lives. Escaping the chaos of every day life is an awesome excuse to visit Walt Disney World. Don’t go commando, don’t rush, slow down, enjoy the World, every detail. There are little things to notice at WDW, back-story to every attraction, a gradual guiding and transition from area to area. Take a break from the chaos; it’ll wait for you when your key hits the door back home.

Today is Ed Wynn’s birthday. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wynn was a fabulous comedian and get’s an automatic star in the excuse hall of fame. For the love of Pete, he was the Mad Hatter in the original Alice in Wonderland and then he was Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins. If that’s not enough, he was in That Darn Cat!, Babes in Toyland, Those Calloways, Son of Flubber and The Gnome-Mobile. To give him the ultimate honor, ride the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and wait around to meet the Mad Hatter and Alice. We did and you won’t regret it.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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