Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012: You Scream, I Scream...

I am a diabetic. I have known that I have diabetes for 16 years and I was probably diabetic for a good time before that. Diabetes is a daily struggle and it is a series of victories, failures and adjustments. When things don’t go well, we adjust and try to improve our numbers (blood sugar) and results. The holiday season is tough and after a few days of feasting for Thanksgiving, it is time to get everything back under tighter control. Today I am getting back in line, although, I didn’t get far out of whack, I also have less margin for error than I used to have. I don’t rebound as quickly as I used to but one thing about being at Walt Disney World is that I stay so active that I work off what I eat and I stay so busy that I don’t really eat as much as I think.

Speaking of eating, how about an excuse?

Today is National Parfait Day. Parfaits have layers, ice cream, fruit, ice cream, ambrosia, and ice cream. Did I mention ice cream? I can’t think of any better way of celebrating National Parfait Day than a visit to Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club at Walt Disney World. If you’re going to Beaches and Cream, why settle for a parfait when you can have the Kitchen Sink? The Kitchen Sink is huge; the thing would probably put me in a coma, so get a bunch of spoons, a bunch of friends and share. In fact, anywhere you go in WDW you can find ice cream. Go ahead, you’ll walk it off.

                                                                         Get the point?

On this day in 1922, Howard Carter entered King Tut’s tomb. Curses and all that aside, this was a great find and a great adventure. It is very rare to find an unraided tomb from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians buried much of their fortune with their esteemed dead, some much of their fortune that the living frequently broke into the burial chambers to help themselves to some of the largesse. You don’t need to do anything so dangerous, just take a little time to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and enjoy the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Everyone’s favorite archaeologist puts on a show recovering antiquities and fighting Nazis.

Don’t forget your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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