Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daniel Boone and Elbowroom

Tonight was Trick or Treat in Louisa. Beggar’s Night was originally scheduled for Tuesday but due to snow, rain and general ugliness from Hurricane Sandy, the night was delayed. We had zero trick or treaters at Casa del Hammond but we had a monster Halloween party for our 21st Century afterschool students yesterday. Now on to Thanksgiving, which comes relatively early this year, and I am looking forward to my wife and daughter’s very ham-like turkey. Ham-like turkey… sounds like the turkey on those turkey legs, hot and juicy, at Walt Disney World. We better get on to some excuses…

Daniel Boone was born on this day in 1734. Boone led early settlers into Kentucky and there is a huge painting of him in the state capital. Daniel kept moving west and, in my early years, I was taught that he was always looking for elbowroom. Well, Walt was looking for elbowroom but he moved East to Florida to find his. Remember, the greatest blessing of Walt Disney World was the blessing of size. Enough room to do whatever Disney could imagine. Believe it or not, if you slow down and look around you can find lots of elbowroom at WDW. This time of year the crowds are smaller and I think even Daniel Boone might have appreciated that.

Get yourself to the Canadian pavilion at EPCOT because in 1961, k.d. lang was born in Alberta, Canada. Go sing at the top of your lungs with Off Kilter and eat at our favorite spot in all of WDW, Le Cellier. This picture is our family with our good friends, the Thompsons (John, Tamra and Bailey) enjoying fine cut of beef and Canadian hospitality (not to mention pretzel bread).

All Soul’s Day or as it is also known, “Day of the Dead.” This is a no brainer. If this is the excuse for you, get to the Mexican pavilion and party out with the dancing skeletons, Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros. Ask for Deana and the Mariachi band, actually Deana was only there for a limited engagement.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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