Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 28, 2012: You've Got A Friend in Me

I am exhausted. I have been sick since Sunday and yesterday we hosted Written Composition competition for Sixth Grade Showcase and then hosted Russell, KY for an academic team meet. We have the other sections of Sixth Grade Showcase this Saturday.

So a quick excuse and then I’ll excuse myself to bed.

You’ve got a friend in me. I remember him from my youth, singing songs like, “Short People,” “It’s Money That I Love,” and “I Love LA.”  Like so many other people that I admired, Randy Newman hooked up with Disney and today is his birthday. There is not a single Disney Park that cannot be tied in with Randy Newman. He has songs in so many Disney movies and he is Pixar’s go to guy. Just check out this list:

            Toy Story 
            James and the Giant Peach
            Toy Story 2 (Which features one of my favorite songs, “When She Loved Me”)
            A Bug’s Life
            Monsters, Inc.
            The Princess and the Frog
            Toy Story 3

From your favorite toys... your favorite princess.

Just pick your favorite and go to the park where it’s featured. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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