Friday, November 2, 2012

November 3, 2012: There's a Buzz in the air...

We begin a long weekend today (Saturday, November 3). Our students don’t come back to school until Wednesday, after the election. We work Monday but we are off Tuesday. Please go vote, Tuesday and vote for the future of our country as you see it. I cannot understand how anyone can be undecided in this election. I think the choices are clear and I will vote for my dreams, aspirations and hopes for the future of our country and you should do the same. I love the American Adventure at EPCOT, I love the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom, I love One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios and I love, and am incredibly grateful for, my opportunity to work in the greatest nation on Earth to visit the Most Magical Place On Earth… Walt Disney World. Remember, it’s all about your dreams.

In 1955, a meteorite which bruised her arm struck Ann Elizabeth Hodges. Hodges was sleeping on her couch when the meteorite crashed through her roof, bounced off a console radio and hit her as she napped. This makes me think of Dinosaur, at the Animal Kingdom, where we are transported back in time to the point where a giant meteor shower wiped out the giant reptiles from the planet. Let’s go dodge some meteorites.

2006: When I was still taller than my son.
                            Am I the only one who doesn't even like the sponsors to change?

John Montague loved to play cards and he had the boys over quite often to play marathon card games, some lasting 24 hours or more. The problem was, while they were playing, the boys had to eat and they got the cards dirty and greasy. On this day in 1718, John had the cook prepare meat between pieces of bread so the boys could eat and the cards could stay clean. The idea was a hit and everybody wanted to eat what they had at John’s house, John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Give me one of Sandwich’s things. You may know where this is going; in fact it’s going to Downtown Disney Marketplace, to the Earl of Sandwich, where you can eat the best thing that ever happened to deck of cards.

Last Christmas was rough for us, our daughter is in college, our son is a junior in high school and money was tight. One of the things I bought my daughter, Allison, was the Cars box set which I lucked out and found on Amazon for a sweet price. You see, John Lasseter is my daughter’s hero and the box set came with a little truck named, John Lasse-tire, she was so happy. But it really didn’t compare with what showed up in our mailbox on Christmas Eve. Allison had written a letter to John Lasseter a few months before, telling him how Toy Story was such a special movie to her and her friends. You see Allison’s class in school are the same age as Andy and they grew up with him. When he went off to college in Toy Story 3, Allison and her friends were also going off to college and making that huge change in life. Allison wrote her letter and told no one, it was her personal moment of connection with her hero.
            On Christmas Eve, I walked out to the mailbox and, imagine my surprise at finding a large white envelope from Pixar addressed to Allison Hammond. I went back in the house, woke Allison up and gave her the envelope. Her face lit up when she opened it up and showed me a color 8 x 10 of Buzz and Woody autographed by John Lasseter. She said she didn’t ask for anything, she just poured her heart out in a letter and, John Lasseter, her hero, took a moment to respond.
     On this date, last year, 2011, John Lasseter received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the El Capitan Theater (operated by Disney). Take a few moments, go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and visit Pixar Place or grab a pizza at Pizza Planet and thank God that Disney has a man that carries on the spirit of Walter Elias Disney… John Alan Lasseter.

Dad, the autograph is the same.

Remember, you best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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