Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012: Marching, munching and WDW

This is a late one. First, the Lawrence County High School Marching Band season has come to an end. The band was in Paris, Kentucky yesterday (October, 20, 2012) to compete in the Class AA quarterfinals. Last year they went to the state semifinals in Bowling Green but this year, not so much. My son, Matt, is the field commander which means that every week he dresses up like King Arthur and conducts the band in competition. Onward to jazz band and concert band. Matt plays alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax and bassoon. He also auditioned for the All-state choir and we will find out about that shortly. Last year he was in the All-state choir and performed in Louisville.

Let’s give you a couple of musical excuses to visit Walt Disney World today.

In October 21st, 1858, the Can-Can was performed for the first time. How about going to EPCOT and visit the French Pavilion. Might I suggest Chefs de France and the Demi poulet fermier roti Pommes rissolees et broccoli - Half of an all natural roasted chicken, rissole potatoes and broccoli, its enough for two and wonderful for diabetics like myself who need to watch the breads and other starches.

How about a little love for the Animal Kingdom and the Festival of the Lion King? In 1975, Elton John received a star in Hollywood, so celebrate Elton, Simba, Rafiki and the pride of the pridelands with a rocking party featuring all your favorite songs from the movie.

Let’s not forget Casey’s, on Main Street USA, in the Magic Kingdom. We never forget Casey’s, it is one of our regular stops at WDW. Grab a chilidog and celebrate the greatest team in the history of baseball, Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. The 1976 edition swept the New York Yankees in the World Series. ( I am not biased at all but you should understand I am a lifelong: Cincinnati Reds baseball fan, University of Kentucky basketball fan **Class of 1982** and Miami Dolphins football fan).

One last hit for EPCOT, on this date in 1982, El Rio del Tiempo was dedicated as part of the Mexico Pavilion. Today it is the Gran Fiesta Tour and has always featured one of our favorites, Donald Duck.

As always, your best excuse is: Waiting for your dreams to come true.

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