Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Anniversary

This is the first post in what is, hopefully, a mis-named blog. The name refers to the fact that I want to give you an excuse to visit Walt Disney World every single day of the year. First, my adult ADD riddled brain guarantees that I will have more than one excuse each day but it also hints to the fact that my mind may drift to entirely unrelated topics from time to time.


This is my 24th wedding anniversary and that is my first excuse. The excuse being that, it is my anniversary or, you could go to WDW because it is your anniversary. Although, that does not work for 10/14 unless this is also your anniversary, otherwise wait until your actual anniversary to visit. So you could go to WDW today and, when they ask why you are there, tell them you are celebrating Bill & Deana's anniversary (or perhaps your own).

If you feel awkward celebrating my anniversary or guilty celebrating your own, that may not occur for months, there are other excuses to visit Walt Disney World today.

1. Today is two days after Columbus Day, the actual Columbus Day, and he got those boats reaaaallll close to Florida.

2. Winnie the Pooh was published in 1926. Does this need further comment? Get thee to the Magic Kingdom and tell Mr. Toad, "sorry about the inconvenience, but bouncing with Tigger is fun."

3. Theodore Roosevelt was shot by William Schrenk and went on to deliver a speech that day.  After all, Teddy was," fit as a bull moose." Visit the Hall of Presidents. Leave your bull moose call at home.

There we have the first five excuses of  n x 365 excuses to visit Walt Disney World. Remember, your best excuse is always waiting for your dreams to come true.

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