Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 19, 2012: A Different Kind of Dirt

First, let me say that I have many personal excuses to visit Walt Disney World, and lack of money is no barrier. My wife and I are teachers and, in Eastern Kentucky, teachers do not make big bucks. We coach academic team all year, teach 21st Century after school classes and work in the 21st Century summer program to get enough money to make our nearly annual trips to WDW. We made our first trip to WDW in July, 2001 on money I made working on a curriculum alignment program. I walked into AAA, told them I had $1500.00, and asked where we could go. The travel agent told me we could go to Disney World and it change our lives forever. I had just turned 40 when we booked that first trip and now, at 51, I have been to WDW seven times and have also gone on a seven day Disney cruise.

So what excuse do I have to offer you to justify a trip to Walt Disney World? Let's just say that it is a different kind of dirt. I am an eighth grade science teacher and, with books that are way out of date, I am always updating the information I share with my students. While looking at science news this afternoon, I noticed a story about the rover on Mars discovering a different kind of dirt. The surface of Mars is covered in the red, oxidized soil that gives it the nickname, "The Red Planet." Now at this point I should insert a plug for John Carter, a vastly under-rated movie, but I digress. Today the rover send back a picture with a very bright, light and "not red" piece of dirt on the surface of Mars.

Don't you wish you could explore Mars and discover something new and amazing? Then fellow Rocketeer, get yourself over to EPCOT and ride Mission Space, right next to Tron Track, sorry, Test Track. I recommend the green version because I like to keep what is inside, inside and walk a straight line within 24 hours of exiting my extra-planetary adventures. My children, Allison and Matt, and our friends Lee and Brittany rode the orange version after we got off the green version. Allison and Matt are not ride wimps. They weren't right for at least one rotation of the planet. 

Dear old dad, showing much better judgement was in the waiting area, repairing ships systems and generally kicking butt on the post-ride game. Yeah, me! 

Also, next door, visit one of Matt's favorite attractions, Ellen's Energy Adventure. I enjoy it as well. It's the best nap at WDW. I know you're saying,"Hey, you're a science teacher. How can you nap in such a science-y attraction?" Don't forget, I am all about relaxing and it is nice and cool and dark and I get soooooooo sleepy after lunch (I am also diabetic). But don't ever sleep in The Hall of Presidents or The American Adventure, I don't care how sleepy you are, patriotism trumps naps.

Remember, your best excuse is always: Waiting for your dreams to come true.

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