Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 27, 2013: The evil of the... THRILLLEERRR!

Today is Memorial Day or, as many call it, Decoration Day. This day was originally established to remember those who died on both sides during the American Civil War. The day includes remembrance of all those who have served their country and died and a general remembrance of those who have passed on. This year makes 48 years since my sister died and 31 years since my father died and there are so many more family members who have passed on. I am fortunate that my father and sister are buried close to home so that I can even stop for a visit on the way to Wal-Mart if the mood strikes. Take a few minutes today to remember those who are responsible for you being here and those who fought so that you could be here and be free. God Bless America and those who have defended her.

The burial site of my Dad and Sister.

On this date in 1911, the great Vincent Price was born. Price was one of the great horror movie actors of all time with a fabulous voice and instantly identifiable laugh. That laugh was made famous by Michael Jackson in his mega-hit “Thriller.” Price was also a gourmet cook and art collector and was extremely active in both pursuits. Vincent also has a couple of Disney connections. First, he provided the voice of Professor Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective and Tim Burton based a short stop-motion film on Mr. Price. The film, Vincent, was narrated by Price and distributed by Touchstone. Let’s go eat at the Columbia Harbor House at the Magic Kingdom where we can eat some good counter service food and enjoy a fine view of The Haunted Mansion.

On this date in 1995, The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner, on Main Street U.S.A. in The Magic Kingdom, is renamed… Casey’s Corner. If you’ve been reading this blog for long you know how I love Casey’s so let’s go eat.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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