Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 15, 2013: We're off to see the Wizard, or at least Walt.

We are three days into state testing. Wow! There are only eight days of school left. Wow! My son plays in the KHSAA State Tennis Championships on Thursday. Wow!  Now, if I can only get Humana to pay a stinking $3077 emergency room bill all will be good. Welcome to Obamacare folks. It’s easy to afford a healthcare system when you just don’t pay.

1856: Lyman “L.” Frank Baum was born in New York. Baum wrote a massive library but is most famous for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Walt Disney Productions has rights to thirteen “Oz” books so Oz the Great and Powerful is probably just the beginning. Actually it is not Disney’s first foray into the Oz canon. Return to Oz was issued in 1985 and Rainbow Road to Oz was an idea for a television series that never came to fruition. Right now, ride The Great movie Ride at Hollywood Studios and enjoy the tribute to the original movie with Judy Garland.

Plane Crazy, the first silent short featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse was given a sneak preview on this date in 1928. It was pulled in favor of the sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, which is now viewed as the first Mickey Mouse cartoon. Sound was added to Plane Crazy and it was officially released in March of 1929, four months after Steamboat Willie. Go to Hollywood Studios and enjoy Walt’s story at One Man’s Dream.


1974: Ahmet Rodan Zappa was born. Ahmet’s dad, Frank, was one of my all-time favorites. I actually got to see him in concert at the Cincinnati Garden in the 80’s. But Ahmet is a pretty funny guy and he actually has projects with Disney including a new book, Because I’m Your Dad. Go. Buy. Enjoy.

Since we’re plugging Ahmet’s book, it’s appropriate to mention that today is the International Day of Families.

National Straw Hat Day: Dapper Dan’s: Okay.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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