Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 13, 2013: Chocolate Day, Kids in the Kitchen Day, National Peanut Day, Roald Dahl and Bill Monroe.

Today is International Chocolate Day. Chocolate, it’s not just for breakfast any more. There are so many good, chocolaty things at Walt Disney World that it is hard to know where to start. Chocolate dipped, Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches, and a host of chocolate candies can be purchased all over the world. Eat, enjoy, it all tastes better when its shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Today is also Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day. My son loves to cook. His specialties are homemade hamburger helper and spaghetti. Kids that love to cook can expand their horizons at the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT with cooking classes and workshops just for kids and, hey, you can eat what you cook.

Today is National Peanut Day. I used to love peanuts. I ate peanut butter and cheese crackers every day for lunch, every day. Now I am allergic to peanuts. I ate half a Butterfinger, got violently ill and have not been able to stomach peanut butter or peanuts since. If you want peanuts, Disney’s got them, if you’re allergic, tell the dining people and they will help you avoid them. Whatever you need, WDW can provide.

Roald Dahl had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force rising to the rank of wing commander. After the end of his time in the military, Dahl became a world famous and prolific author, writing for both adults and children. In 1996, Disney released James and the Giant Peach. I was walking down the street in Morehead and found a spool of film just thrown out on the street. Being curious, I picked the spool up and spun through it, discovering that it was the trailer for James and the Giant Peach. It’s kind of a cool thing to have. Later, Disney released the Tim Burton version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love Deep Roy as all the Oompa Loompas. My son, Matt, starred as Mr. Bucket in his first community theater appearance in Huntington in a presentation of WONKA! Roald Dahl was born on this day in 1916 in Wales. Need a way to celebrate? Refer back to the paragraph on chocolate. You can thank me later.

It was on one moonlight night
Stars shining bright
Whisper on high
Love said goodbye
Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining
Shine on the one that's gone and left me blue.

Bill Monroe, father of Bluegrass Music, and author of “Blue Moon of Kentucky” was born on this day in 1916 in Rosine, Kentucky. Make you way to Frontierland and enjoy some great Americana and traditional music.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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