Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 7, 2013: That's the truth... no, my nose is not growing.

I apologize for this blog being a bit short. Our Academic Team competed in Region 18 Governor’s Cup Competition and earned a Fourth-place finish out of 17 teams in the region. Our year now gets extended by one month thanks to our students’ exceptional success on four tests that qualified them to compete at State Governor’s Cup in March. Congratulations.

Charles Dickens was born on this day in 1812. A Christmas Carol is one of the most popular Christmas stories in history. Even Disney has made several versions of the story including a Mickey Mouse version and a 3D version starring Jim Carrey. You can get Christmas stuff at Disney all year long, get to WDW and enjoy one of our favorite sports, shopping.

In 1940 Disney’s second animated feature film, Pinocchio, premieres at the Central Theatre in New York City.  We always want to eat, and you’ve got to eat, so stop in at Pinocchio’s Village Haus and chow down. It’s good and it taste like the pizza I used to love at the University of Kentucky student center. Just trust me, it’s good.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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  1. Wow, region was later in 2013. We've finished region January 1 this year.