Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 20, 2013: Happy 21st Birthday Allison

Yesterday was a good day. My wife, Deana, came through her procedure with flying colors. Everything is fine she will need to adjust medications but everything physically is fine.

Today is a good day. My daughter, Allison, is 21 years old today. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Allison was nine the first time we visited Walt Disney World and her brother, Matt, was four. Allison has always been my buddy, when she was little she travelled to football games with me, if I liked something, she liked it, she really was, and is, daddy’s little girl. Over the weekend we went to Morehead State University for my son’s band concert (first chair tenor sax in the top honor band) and we visited the park where I used to take Allison to play. I don’t care how old she is; I will always hear her yelling, “To the moon daddy, push me to the moon.” Happy birthday.


2012: Where did the little kids go?

This is Love Your Pet Day. Our oldest pet is Duchess; we got her when we came back from our first Walt Disney World trip in 2001. She was in a rescue mission. I wanted a six-toed cat but Duchess reached out and grabbed Deana and sealed the deal. Duchess is now 15 years old. She lives in two cardboard boxes next to our refrigerator… and our cats Spider and JoJo don’t. Duke, our dog, does not come inside unless it’s to steal the cats’ food and run back out. If you go to Walt Disney World, you can take your pet. The kennel is a wonderful place to stay and you visit your pet every day during your trip.

Today is National Hoodie Hoo Day. To keep winter to a minimum, everyone should go outside and scare old man winter away by yelling, “Hoodie Hoo!” I’ll sit in here with my hot cuppa Irish Breakfast Tea, you tell me how the yelling works out. If you’re really serious about escaping winter, you know where to go… WDW.

Today is Kurt Cobain’s birthday. He was born in 1967. Walt Disney World is not Nirvana but it can help you reach a calm state.

Brian Littrell was born on this date in 1975, in Lexington, Kentucky. Brian was a member of the Backstreet Boys who have done a number of things with Disney as recently as the 2012 Christmas Parade. Brian is also a solo artist, touring and recording as a contemporary Christian singer. In this capacity he has performed at the Night of Joy at Walt Disney World, a two-night Christian Music event that has bounced between the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. So why don’t you bounce between the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios? Let me suggest a park hopper ticket.

Finally, on this date in1946 Sandy Duncan, the voice of Vixey in Disney's The Fox and the Hound, was born in Henderson, Texas. Her Disney credits include the comedy feature The Million Dollar Duck, the 1974 television special Sandy in Disneyland, the 1976 holiday program Christmas in Disneyland, and The Cat From Outer Space. Though not a Disney production, Sandy also starred in the title role of Peter Pan. I now direct you to the most unbelievably long line at Walt Disney World, the line for Peter Pan’s Flight. Hint: go to the Magic Kingdom during early morning extra magic hours, go directly to the ride and walk on. You’ll thank me later. I accept cash.
 Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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