Monday, February 4, 2013

February 5, 2013: Au chocolat

Today is National Weatherman’s Day. Listen, I know that some of these guys are highly trained professionals but I could do just as well looking out the window and calling my friends in Cincinnati and asking them how the weather is there. I love the famous quote, “Everybody wants to talk about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” So go to Walt Disney World where the weather doesn’t matter. We have been to WDW on days when it rained sideways and had a great day; we have been to WDW on days when it was mid-latitude desert hot, had a great time. You just don’t approach everyday the same way, go with the flow and keep moving forward when things shift your way. Good weather comes and good weather goes but the good times depend solely on you and how you react to what happens around you. Be happy, everything seems a little bit brighter when it’s reflecting a smile.

We have a small double boiler that we got to make chocolate candy a few years ago. We also break it out from time to time to crank out some nice, warm, creamy nacho cheese but today is National Chocolate Fondue Day. The day we put food on a stick and dip it in the wonderfully sugary and dietetically horrible chocolate sauce we all love so much. The fondue has waxed and waned in popularity but right now the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral has to be the most popular dipping chocolate around. My son and I get appropriate ooh’s and ahh’s when we take a vanilla ice cream cone, hit the chocolate fountain and come away with a perfectly dipped chocolate covered cone. No matter how many times we have done this we always get the same response, “I never thought of trying that.” The answer is simple, think, and, until they stop you, do. Speaking of WDW, and we always are, get a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar, you don’t have to fondue, it’s been fondued (am I using a noun as a verb?) for you. Isn’t technology wonderful?

On February 5, 1953, Peter Pan opened at the Roxy Theater in New York City. We love Peter Pan but I am here to tell you that this ride has the most unexplainably long line in all of Walt Disney World. The queue here always seems to go on forever and never seems to shrink. This title used to belong to the Dumbo ride but with the changes to the queue there, Dumbo is entertaining and relaxing enough that you don’t mind the wait. I try to tell my friends that have never been to Walt Disney World that waiting in line at Disney is more fun than riding the rides at other parks. Hit the Peter Pan ride and drift over London and Never, Never Land, understanding that why we must grow older, we do not have to grow up.

Our own little bit of pixie dust.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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