Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 6, 2012: Happy Birthday Pt. 2

Yesterday was Bridge Day for 8th graders in Lawrence County, Kentucky. On Bridge Day, the 8th graders from our three middle schools, Louisa, Fallsburg and Blaine, come together in an attempt to build the high school community. Louisa students are Bulldogs, Fallsburg students are Dragons and Blaine students are Wildcats but when they come together in the Fall of 2013, they will be the Lawrence County High School Class of 2017, all of them Bulldogs. We had a great day with about 170 8th graders engaged in a number of activities and listening to speakers on pertinent topics designed to help them make the transition to high school life. One of the speakers was a gentleman named Mike Hall and he did an excellent job focusing the children on their potential as leaders and the fact that they can be a positive influence on those around them. Check Mike out at: or on Facebook at .

What is your excuse?

I discovered something that I did not know, so, when I learn something, I hope you learn something as well. On this date in 1903, Walt’s youngest sibling and only sister was born while they were living in Chicago, Illinois. Ruth F. Disney, later Ruth Beecher rounded out the Disney family and, while I knew that Walt had a sister named Ruth, I did not realize that her birthday was the day after Walt’s birthday only two years apart. I think that it is appropriate that, with Walt being all about family, they should have birthdays on consecutive days. Ruth lived in Oregon and had a son named Ted, so let’s celebrate Walt’s family by celebrating our own. How about the Osborn Family Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? This seasonal attraction is not only all about a man’s love for his family but about the special season that we have entered at this time, the Christmas season.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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