Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 14, 2013: President Ford, over there is where EPCOT will be.

On this date in 1913, Gerald R. Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Ford was a senator from Michigan when Spiro Agnew resigned as vice president of the Unites States and Richard Nixon appointed him as Agnew’s successor. When Nixon resigned as president to avoid impeachment, Ford became the 38th president without ever being elected either vice president or president. In 1979, President Ford visited Walt Disney World. Visit Mr. Ford at the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square at The Magic Kingdom.

In 1975, nearly nineteen years after the death of Walt Disney, his great dream begins the road to reality. Plans for the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow are announced. EPCOT Center will open in 1982. Visit EPCOT and enjoy the world of today and tomorrow.

Harry Dean Stanton was born on this date in 1926 in West Irvine, Kentucky. Stanton has played some of the most offbeat roles in movies and television. Harry is a skilled actor with a distinctive appearance that he has parlayed into a long career. Stanton did a turn for Disney titled One Magic Christmas in which he played… an angel. We can always do a little Christmas shopping and let’s do a little in Stanton’s honor.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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