Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 6, 2013: Mad Hatter Day, German-American Day and Sunshine.

Today is Mad Hatter Day. Lewis Carroll’s famous hatter has a tag in his hatband that reads 10/6 representing a price of ten shillings, six pence. Today, being 10/6, we honor he of the insane adorned noggin. Why was the hatter mad? Mercury, my child, quicksilver. Mercury was used in sizing hats, stiffening the material to hold the desired shape. The hatters inhaled mercury vapor, which eventually drove them insane. Shop for crazy hats at Walt Disney World and then visit the Mad Hatter; he’ll appreciate the gesture.

Today is National German-American Day. My ancestor, Johann Jakob Beck came to the colonies before 1723 and his son, Jacob was born on my birthday, July 7, in 1723 in Maryland. When they immigrated the last name Beck was changed to Peck which was closer to the pronunciation of the last name in Germany. My family is a mix of heritages but this is the side of the family that was traced back the farthest and I have a book that end with my oldest cousins. My mother was still single when the book, Genealogy of Joseph Peck and Some Related Families, was published. Go to EPCOT, visit the German Pavilion and get in touch with your European side, if you have one.

On this date in 1971 the Sunshine Pavilion at the Magic Kingdom was officially dedicated. Anita Bryant, celebrity spokesperson for the Florida Orange Growers, sang “The Orange Bird Song” and “Orange Tree” as the facility was formally opened. The Orange Bird is back, go visit, and enjoy.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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