Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 17, 2013: Stringbean, root beer and Barry Manilow.

Today is Stewarts Root Beer Day. For over 75 years Stewarts has produced Root Beer and a variety of wonderfully flavored sodas. Have your favorite today and, if you are at Walt Disney World, have a visit to Club Cool in EPCOT where you can drink sodas from around the world.

On this date in 1821, John Henry Pepper was born in London, England. Pepper toured the world amazing audiences with his scientific exhibitions. One of his most famous is Pepper’s ghost a series of plate glass and dedicated lighting that allow objects to appear to disappear, transform, appear out of thin air, float or become transparent. Pepper’s ghost is presented on a very large scale in Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Ride it and remember, it’s all smoke and mirrors (or plate glass and lights).

Oh, Mandy! Barry Manilow was born on this day in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. Manilow has a long career in popular music and he has even recorded “Ships” written by my hero, Ian Hunter. In 1988 Manilow co-wrote the music for Oliver and Company.  Go to Jellyrolls and ask them to break out some Barry for you (Manilow and White).


1978: Jimmy Buffett peaks at #32 with “Cheeseburger In Paradise.” I love Jimmy Buffett, I saw him live in Lexington, Kentucky about the time that this song came out. I would love to see Jimmy again. All my heroes are getting older but it seems that they just keep chugging along. Go to Typhoon Lagoon. You’ll hear some Jimmy. Trust me.

1915: When I was a kid The Porter Waggoner Show and  Hee Haw were staples on television, Stringbean was one of my favorite performers. Stringbean was born on this day in 1915 in Jackson County, Kentucky. Stringbean sang, played the banjo and did a bit of standup comedy. He always wore an outfit that placed his waist about his knees so he appeared to have a trunk elongated like a stringbean. The Country Bear Jamboree would be a fitting tribute to this great country entertainer.

Remember, your best excuse is always: waiting for your dreams to come true.

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